Connect 2020, a plan to help improve bike and pedestrian travel and safety in Collingswood and Haddon Township

The Collingswood and Haddon Township Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan was completed in the Summer of 2020 and adopted by both municipalities in September 2020. The plan was created with extensive input from the public which informed both short-term and long-term goals and recommendations to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety and create a network that helps to further connect the two communities.


Plan Goals

The plan is a roadmap to act as a guide in creating a safer multimodal networks in Collingswood and Haddon Township that balance the needs of everyone – pedestrians, bicyclists, public transit riders, people with disabilities, seniors, and children.

Gather feedback and develop a vision for what bicycling and walking should be in Collingswood and Haddon Township

Analyze the existing bicycle and pedestrian networks to identify and map potential locations for improvements

Work with stakeholders and the public to determine a priority bicycle and pedestrian network

Develop conceptual designs, focusing on Haddon Avenue, key intersections, and other priority corridors

Create an implementation plan that each town can use to secure funding and guide improvements into the future

Community Meetings / Calendar of Events

Collingswood Bike Ped Demo Project Kick Off

April 16, 2022
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
West Stiles Avenue, Collingswood
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EXPO Project Kick-OFF Event

August 14, 2021
9:00 am - 10:00 am
Collings and Atlantic Avenues, Collingswood
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Latest News

Collingswood Complete Streets Lab – Collingswood PATCO Edition
(April 1, 2022) The Borough of Collingswood, in partnership with the non-profit Cross County Connection, Camden County, PATCO, and the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission are launching a temporary bike and pedestrian demonstration project and education campaign. The “Complete Streets Lab Collingswood PATCO edition” will create a targeted bike route to the Collingswood PATCO station…
All Aboard Atlantic! Complete Streets Demonstration Project Coming to Collingswood August 14, 2021
(August 1, 2021) A new look and traffic pattern is coming to Atlantic Avenue. A combination of traffic slowing bump-outs, advisory bike lanes, and improved pedestrian crossings are in the plan for a temporary demonstration project. The goal? to test run improvements and get feedback from residents to determine the effects new bike and pedestrian…
Atlantic PILOT Project FAQs
Atlantic Avenue PILOT Project Frequently Asked Questions What is the project? All Aboard Atlantic is a temporary pilot project geared at testing out designs that are proven to increase safety for different modes of transportation. The program is offered as part of the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission’s EXPO program: Why did the Borough…

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