In order to understand tradeoffs we have listed the impacts to drivers, pedestrians, and bikers when certain parts of a street are changed.


Impact to PedestriansImpact to BicyclistsImpact to Drivers

Width of Travel Lanes

Selected Value: 1
Shorter Distance to Cross
Room for Bike Lane
Slower Speeds
Longer Distance to Cross
Share Lane with Cars
Faster Speeds

On-Street Parking

Selected Value: 1
Less Barrier to Traffic
Room for Protected Bike Lane
Better Sight Lines
Obstructed Sight Lines
"Door Zone" Danger
Easier Access to Parking

Intersection Design

Bump Outs and Islands
Lanes for More Movements
Selected Value: 1
Shorter Distances to Cross
Multi-Phase Turns
More Waiting for Turns
Longer Distance to Cross
More Exposure to Traffic
Quicker Passage

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